The Six Pillars of Vibrational Wealth are the Foundation of Your Success!

Spiritual Wealth

Reach a powerful state that will free you from all your negative thoughts.

Mental Wealth

Reprogram your mind to attract all of your desires.

Emotional Wealth

Learn the power of emotions and how to use it to attract the life you want!

Physical Wealth

Become a healthier version of you by fixing your vibrations.

Relational Wealth

Connect with your inner self and deepen your ability to love and feel loved.

Financial Wealth

Learn how to start or scale your business with proven methods that will make your business work for you!

About Us

Tom & Ania Yatar are WORLD travelers who have helped thousands of people attract money, wealth, perfect health, perfect love, mental health, and spiritual wealth.

We both started out working jobs that left us living paycheck to paycheck. Exhausted and worn out we were only able to dream that we’d ever get to live the lives we truly wanted. We both longed for the freedom to live life on our own terms and time to enjoy life to the fullest. 

Individually we each set out creating our own businesses and learning new skills. Eventually, we both came to understand the importance of mindset and its effect on our businesses. 

The way we created consistency in our marketing and the abundance mindset for ourselves is the exact same methods we teach to our students now. This is what Vibrational Wealth is all about. 

Tom is speaker, mentor, trainer and Law of attraction coach. He is a Certified Reiki Master Level 3, EFT Certified Coach, NLP Master, Hypnotist, Certified Ho’oponopono master, Angel Card Intuitive, and Law of attraction coach.

Ania is a #MillenialManifestor, Spiritual Healer and world traveler. She is a Certified Reiki Master Level 3, EFT Certified Coach, NLP Master, Certified Ho’oponopono master, Angel Card Intuitive, and Law of attraction coach.

Our passion is to use our knowledge to impact as many lives as possible!


What is Vibrational Wealth

Vibrational Wealth is so much more than just the courses and coaching we offer. It’s the best of all of our abilities and certifications combined to help others become “Vibepreneurs” just like us.

We combine vibrations, mindset, and the subconscious to go so much deeper than regular coaching alone. We work with you in the 6 pillars of Vibrational Wealth:

Spiritual - Through reiki & angelic healing, Ho'oponopono, and meditation

Mental - NLP and mindset coaching

Emotional - Using Vibrational Frequency Tapping

Physical - Yoga & affirmation workouts to train your body

Relational - Create healthy relationships and friendships

Financial - Through wealth coaching, marketing, graphic & web design

Your mindset and vibrations need to be right before you can ever get your finances where you want them to be. So we work with you from square one to give you the best foundation possible to build your business on. 

Then we move onto building your business with you. You can learn marketing and the tools you’ll need to do it successfully. We teach everything from logo creation, sales funnel building, and website design to creating your own products and even monetizing your own Facebook groups. 

We want you to succeed and experience the life you dream of!

Learn The Secret To Attracting Wealth

We want to give you the same attract wealth meditation that the world’s most successful people are using everyday. See, this secret has been kept for too long and now you can make it yours!

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Our students are getting amazing results with Vibrational Wealth! See for yourself...

It’s been our pleasure to work so closely with all of our amazing students. Seeing them manifest their wealth and ideal lives using our methods is the most rewarding part of what we do. Come see what many of them have had to say about working with us here.

With so many many pages focussed on "law of attraction" it's not easy to know what is good and what is not. And each page will talk about how quickly "money" comes to through some method. Good thing about our community which I observed is no one is pushing anyone into a practice. We are all open to discuss while Tom and Ania are leading to he group with their experience and knowledge, they are also open in these discussions. And oh some challenges which are easy are so refreshing. So thank you to all members for keeping spirits high and thanks Tom n Ania for the positivity in the group n your guidance.

G A R I M A     S I N H A

I would just like to thank you special lady for making such a huge difference in my life, my thought patterns, how I've changed. I follow your posts daily and interact as much as I can. My attitude is gratitude ... this has changed from feeling insecure and not feeling good enough to being kind to myself. YOU have helped me so much, and I am so grateful to you and appreciate what you have done to help me on my Journey... I so appreciate you and am so grateful our paths crossed ... this was no coincidence!! Much love to you xoxo thank you  💕

J A C Q U I    O R B A N

I have so much goodness to share with you guys . There have been some major shifts and I feel the miracles coming and some have already come 💙 I am so grateful to you guys for helping me with this challenge . I feel walls are literally being smashed down for me.  I am filled with so much gratitude and I think being intentional about staying in that gratitude has been a huge key . You guys are amazing and I’m blessed to have found your platform

H E I D I    E L I Z A B E T H

Contact Us

If you have questions or just want to see if we’re a good fit to work together, we’d love to hear from you. Send us a message and we’re happy to help!