Vibrational Meditations

Learn how you can become a better version of you in just 7 weeks.

Discover the TRUE SECRET to keeping your VIBRATION clear of any stress, anxiety, depression, sadness, or instability.

This 7 weeks guided meditation course will help you get into POWERFUL deep states of mind so abundance and wealth won’t stand a chance at resisting you.

This 7 weeks guided meditation course will help you become IRRESISTABLE to wealth.

Why is that?

Because of the sound frequencies used and the actual SOUND effects used. You will be put into such a POWERFUL state of mind, that the only thing that can come to you is wealth.  

Emotionally, physically, mentally, spiritually, financially, and relationally.

With this 7 weeks guided meditation course, you will be able to ACHIEVE all the great results you have been wanting in your life.

The goal of meditation isn't to control your thoughts its to stop letting them control you!

10 Scientific reasons why
Meditation is good for you

1. Meditation sharpens attention
2. Long term consistent meditation increases resiliency to stress
3. Meditation increases compassion and makes compassion more effective.
4. Meditation improves mental health
5. Meditation has a positive impact on your relationships
6. Meditation banishes negativity from your life
7. Meditation has an impact on your physical health
8. Meditation raises your vibrational frequency for
attracting great things in your life.
9. Meditation helps with addiction
10. Meditation reduces anxiety.

In our 7 Weeks Vibrational Meditation course we tap into your power so you can become spiritually, mentally, emotionally, physically, relationally, and financially wealthy.

For the next 7 weeks, you can have this course for the low low price of just: $147

You're About to...

Learn to Meditate

Discover the power of freeing yourself from negative thought control over you.

Feel Good

Never fear failure again and instead learn to use it to create success.

Feel Connected

Never be stuck again! Instead feel the answers to your problems so you can keep moving forward.

Establish a Life Changing Practice

Learn methods to change your relationship with money and start attracting it.

Manifest ALL of your Desires

Breakthrough your own self sabotage and learn to feel worthy for what's about to come!

7 Week Vibrational Meditation Course
See What's Inside...

Module Breakdown

Our Vibrational Meditations Course will help you get into the right vibrations to attract wealth into your life.

Here’s a sneak peek at the modules you will receive via email...

Release Your Inner Child

Most of us lose sense of our inner child as we get stuck in the day to day rat race. This guided meditation will help unblock the inner 3-year-old inside of you. Once that little person is unblocked, you can look forward to manifesting anything you want in life. It all starts with the inner core of who you truly are. 

Connecting With Your Future Self

In this meditation, you will be taken on a journey and your future self is going to be giving you a message from the future to help you on your path towards receiving your goals and dreams. You will be able to connect to the future and unlock the knowledge you need to succeed.

Becoming A Money Magnet

You are going to be taken on a journey where you will be on a deserted beach. Once there you will find the money magnet jacket. This jacket will be something that will help magnetize money to you so you can attract money easily and effortlessly.

Perfect Weight & Health

This week you will be climbing a huge mountain to reach your dream body. You will be breaking through barriers that have been holding you back from achieving your perfect weight. You will feel your way into your new body or maintaining the body you've already worked so hard for! 

Manifest Perfect Love

This week, you will be walking into a mansion and meeting your soulmate! You will be going on the most amazing adventure with your soulmate; traveling, spending time, and just having the most amazing date ever with your ideal soulmate! And if you already have a loved one, you will enhance your love too.

Gratitude Waterfall

This week you will be walking to a jungle where you will be guided to the Gratitude Waterfall. This waterfall is not like any other, this will have the feelings of gratitude flooding down on you so that you can achieve more in your life.

Manifestation Vortex

In this meditation you’re going to be taken on a JOURNEY!  A journey into the universe. You will be met by old friends and you will align your ENTIRE journey and bring it ALL together!

The total value is $997 but your investment
today is just $147

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So the question remains… Are you ready to quiet your mind and allow your soul to be happy?

We are also including a no questions asked 60 Day Guarantee

Because we know that IF you apply this information to your daily life it WILL help you reach your goals, we're offering this guarantee:

“If for any reason you’re not happy with this course or your mindset can’t be improved we will refund your tuition no questions asked. If you decide you don’t want to be a part of the course anymore, we don’t want to force you to stay. With so many people that this will help I only want people who want the results of the course and want the help I’m offering."